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We are Added Value Resellers of innovative world wide companies at Spain, Italy and Portugal.


With Yepzon you can locate people, pets and things by using the mobile app. The small wearable device is amazingly easy to start using. Thanks to its unbeatable battery life and foolproof data security, it is also reliable and smart. Keep safe what matters the most with Yepzon.


FastROI provides mobile ERP and CRM solutions for the healthcare and social services. Our products are suitable for both the private and the public sectors. We deliver all our software solutions and apps simply and securely through a cloud service. Cost reductions of 30%. Finish market share 60%.


Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) are transforming the network, simplifying it and making it more agile. SDN from Iricent helps you create a dynamic, scalable network that’s in tune with your business. And by virtualising your network functions, like firewall and routing, you can develop a highly responsive network that lets you roll out applications and services quickly and cost effectively


Beekeeper is the leading internal communications tool for the companies with non-office employees. We collect knowledge on internal communications and employee engagement and we’re happy to share our findings and insights to encourage knowledge exchange in the industry.

Our City App

A platform maintained by the local government, merchants, associations and care suppliers. A platform that is marketed by the local government, merchants, associations and care suppliers. A platform that results in 1 app with many applications inside.

Titan HQ

TitanHQ makes your network safer. We believe that you should have easy to use, but robust and effective security tools – that hide complexity without compromising functionality. We help protect people like you, in 129 countries, in organizations like yours: SMBs, schools, universities, colleges, ISPs, banks and government.


“Rogerthat is a powerful secure messenger that can be dynamically extended with your own applications.”

La Comanda

La Comanda is an italian IoT startup company based in Milan, Italy that develops and delivers smart consumer devices to make everyday life easier

About Us

We like to do things easy, reliable and fast.

We represent technology companies, mostly foreign. Our mission is to combine, configure, deploy, and maintain solutions which incorporate multiple products and services for the customer.

Our goals are to save costs, increase productivity, improve employee and customer satisfaction and increase customer's product portfolio.

These solutions can be implemented gradually. We also integrate our solutions with the HW and SW that you have already running at your facilities.







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