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Technical Specialist

Actives is a very small, agile and dynamic company which gives the place certain characteristics:

  • High visibility of the strategy, marketing, sales and relationship with manufacturers.
  • Products, services and varied technologies.
  • It is necessary to carry a huge variety functions.
  • Change of project frequently, according to the needs posed by the market.
  • No needed any expertise in a programming language, an activity, technology or sector.

Functions according to the needs of each project.

  • Programming at the partner´s programming environment.
  • Web programming environment.
  • Parameterization of templates.
  • Integration with client systems or other partners
  • Preparation of demos to customers.
  • Technical support:
    • First class
    • And after sales
    • By phone, chat, email, face
    • A system integrators. / Large Accounts. / Wholesalers and distributors / end users
  • Collaboration with the second-level support, providing the partner (supplier) with which actively collaborates and communicates to introduce the product, parameterization, develop, answer questions and incidents and propose improvements.
  • Actives Technology Department: web management, configuration computers, etc.

Technical Specialist is an essential element in the technical relationship with partners and customers.

A key element of our credibility in front of partners and customers is the technical excellence of actives as: technical knowledge, effective communication, fulfilling the commitments of implementation.

Actives is a very transparent company where much of the information is accessible to all. Everyone is aware of the evolution of the company and the different projects.

Examples of technical functions:

  • Programming platform BaseN: proprietary language based on velocity apache, a Wiki programming environment using the 4,500 templates and calculation functions 16 over 100 communication protocols supported.
  • Connect new IoT devices from different manufacturers to service environment BaseN partner.
  • Technical relationship with the manufacturers of IoT devices. Setting municipalities, merchants and associations at around partner Our City App.
  • Content maintenance Our City App.
  • Suggestions for improvement on Yepzon.
  • Programming and implementation of solutions on Rogerthat platform.
    System integration orders The Command to the client platform.

SKILLS lavora-con-noi

Ease of technical understanding of new services, devices, protocols, programming environments and business models.

Communication expression: Precision in language to clearly express ideas, proposals, problems that continually arise in every project and conflicts.

Communication Listening: Open-mindedness, analytical skills and ability to establish relationships between different aspects of the project and consequence. Understand what they are asked, understand the implications in the project and identify as completeness impact on the technical aspects of the project. Take the place of the other (partner, client, colleagues).

Creativity to find quick and effective solutions and propose ideas on all aspects of the business: the search for alternatives, improved products, new products, improvement of working methods, improved tools, etc. Practicality «know how to reuse».


You should feel comfortable in an environment project management and Scrum Agile type

Must be able to work autonomously, with weekly supervision and strong focus on short-term objectives.

Working under intense pressure to comply with specific objectives.

Adaptation to changing tasks, development environment, specification.

Resilience. The road to the first sale of each product is hard and requires further work good tone and mood with no immediate results.

It is very convenient to work Actives is perceived as an opportunity for professional growth: the visibility of the different aspects of the business, visibility strategic partners, customers, the accumulation of different experiences, the variety of technologies, customers, products and services, the personal touch and the use of creativity in projects, agility in decision-making and flexibility in implementation.



You must know or be able to quickly learn the following languages ​​/ environments / programming tools (sorted by relevance for our projects):

  • Advanced knowledge of Linux
  • Python
  • Bash
  • PuTTY, SSH
  • FTP / TCP / IP
  • Web design: WordPress, PHP
  • Web programming: Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS
  • Java Server
  • Android Java / SDK
  • Apache Velocity
  • SAP


Secondary or higher technical qualifications.

English: fluent spoken and written comprehension and expression.

other languages, mainly Portuguese and Italian are valued.


System Integrators experience or freelanced be assessed.

Salary according to experience.